Yesterday saw me celebrate what will be my last year in my forties. i was really lucky, Owner treated me to a whole series of wonderful surprises. She is taking me to Zagreb in Croatia for a long weekend as a birthday treat and she also took me out to dinner and has booked a restaurant for the two of us this weekend as well - see i said i was lucky! In addition to this Owner also bought me a lovely green dress. It is gorgeous
me and my lovely new green dress
Separately, Owner has also devised a new dice game for when i am working from home. She ordered some more dice that allow Her to customise what appears on the faces. This time the dice contains a series of 'activities' that i need to do if working from home. Today was the first day we got to use the dice and i rolled a 'deepthroat new dildo once every hour for 3 hours'
One of Owners' new dice games
Well, there were worse things that it could have landed on, such as to take a picture of myself outside with my knickers on my head! Anyway, i am pleased to report that i completed my deep throat task to day and have the photo montage to prove it
deep throat fun
What a lucky, slutty pet i am!
First off i am excited to report that tonight i was returned to chastity and, what's more the chastity dice determined that i will be locked up for at least two months. The dice will be rolled again on the 11th March.
The verdict of the dice
Locking the device
Today, Owner also came up with another suggestion for the dice. It is a special dice that Owner can write on and so can constantly change the instructions on each face. Now whenever i work from home i am always expected to text Owner and enquire whether She has particular 'instructions' for me. Sometimes She asks that i be plugged and such like. She has even instructed me to go into the street with humiliating signs attached to me. Anyway, today She advised that She will also start using the dice as a means of giving me 'activities' to perform whilst i am working from home. i am very excited at what might lay in store.

In fact, talking of working from home, i think i surprised our downstairs neighbour earlier this week. It was actually one of my days off, Owner was at work, and i was dressed in a short skirt, stockings, bra, blouse and slippers when the doorbell rang. Thinking it likely a delivery i bounded down the stairs only to be surprised to discover it was our neighbour wanting to ask me something. It was too late to try and make any attempt to conceal my outfit and the only option was to brazen it out and chat to her.
in my comfy slippers
She seemed somewhat surprised by my appearance but said nothing and it wasn't long before i was updating Owner about my unexpected encounter!

Mind you, that was as nothing compared to the outfit i was wearing working from home today for 'dress down Friday', and of course we received two deliveries in the mail so the delivery people had a surprise too. Luckily this time there was no encounter with our neighbour.
Today's 'dress down Friday' home working outfit
Honestly, i am such an exhibitionist!
As mentioned in my last post Owner permitted me to purchase a 12 inch double-ended dildo with which to practise cock sucking. It is both longer, slightly narrower and more flexible than the dildo i had been practising before with and so i hoped that i might be able to better deepthroat the new dildo.

We were away over the New Year staying with Owners' family in Spain and so today was the first time i got to have practise session with it. As i had thought it might the new dildo slips past the back of my throat more easily than the other, firmer and fatter dildo i had been practising with, making it much easier to properly deepthroat. i was not able to quite get the full 12 inches down but i am sure that, with practise i could eventually. i think i managed about 9 inches. i really enjoy deepthroating and hope to be able to practise and perfect my technique with this new toy. You can see how i got on in the pictures and videos below;

my throat ended up nice and gooey
By the way, for those of you who are statistically minded and interested in such things, i ended up being permitted 6 orgasms during 2018. Am i odd to be hoping for less in 2019? Owner will, as always, decide.